Norwegian Wood is a local craft beer brewing company based off The Beatles’ song with the same name.

The types of beer are characterized by three different towns in Norway: Trondheim, Bergen, and Tromsø. These towns were carefully paired with the type of beer best fit to its unique character.

Think of it as: if this place were a beer, what type of beer would it be?

“An Imperial Porter with an intensely strong and deeply-roasted malted flavour.

Full-bodied and not too sweet, Trondheim’s rich and complex flavour profile consists of cocoa and molasses, with a hint of vanilla.”
“Our famous barrel-aged, dark Imperial Stout that is intensely malty and deeply roasted. Bergen embodies many complex flavours such as fig and cocoa, which leaves one with a rich, lingering taste on the palate.

The perfect brew for the holidays, or when you just want to stay indoors and be cozy.”
Tromsø is a full-bodied Imperial IPA with notes of citrus, grapefruit, pine, and caramel.

A dry finish with notes of fruit and hop resin; the perfect ending to its delicate bitterness. Skål!”

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