In 2009, Stephen Hawking hosted a champagne party for time travelers in the hopes that if time-travel was real, people would have come. Hawking’s party was a no-show. Life, Continuum is a “pre-game to the party in the past.”

Appealing to the likes of metaphysicians and science geeks, this experiential and once-in-a-lifetime event explores the ideas of traveling through time and space.

The objective of Life, Continuum is solely to celebrate Stephen Hawking’s life and life’s achievements, and to utilize time and the concept of time-travel to create an unconventional type of social event.

As visualized in the user journey, Life, Continuum uses guerilla marketing to promote the event and its website. The use of wild postings throughout various urban environments can target certain people who pay attention to these types of niche marketing techniques.

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